Is it now hotel bill you cannot afford?

Excerpt from “Downsizing your home with style and regain your freedom’
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Would you choose to go to a hotel for a month, that you had no chance of being able to afford, when they presented you with the bill?

Well, thats what a large house is. Tens of thousands of us are living in ‘mini hotels’ called ‘homes’ they cannot afford to keep up.

The properties are crumbling, the weeds are sprouting and the furniture is being eaten by bugs and the nasty reminder letters are arriving. Every day.

Time to check out, say good bye to the staff (thats you by the way) pack and carry your own bags before you get evicted.

We have been conditioned to expect our property investment to go up and it did for years big time.

But this is different now and the world has changed, so waiting for this capital increase is the privilege of a few special properties, normally in the top locations.

Its not always a fact that your residence is directly related to your present income, (not capital) as there are so many contributing factors but it should go beyond it.

The cost of living is rising fast. The predictions on inflation are wrong and the numbers are corrupted.

Real income is disappearing and lifestyles are changing because of it.

The middles class is suffering as the rich will always be rich and the poor have nothing to loose.

Go visit a 3rd world country with no benefit system to see what happens to the population when there are no benefits in the

system. See what happens to them when no medical treatment is offered and they rely on God to cure them.

See what happens when the elderly are put outside to hold ‘go cups’ every day in the hot sun.

We live in bloated economies and we don’t even realise how our bankrupt governments have run out of money.

Rioting will be our only form of expression and they aren’t going to let us get away with that for long. Look at the new rules and legislation Obummer has passed taking away personal freedoms. Watch how the UK copies the USA like a mindless child, incurring costs on squabbles that are none of our business.

Enough of all that let us do as Voltaire suggested and “cultivate our own garden”

Get weeding, downsize if you need to and try to do with a bit of style and dignity.


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