Invisible Wars surrounding us

Excerpt from “Downsize your home and regain your freedom’
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We are surrounded by ‘invisible wars’ being battled in a loud deafening silence e.g. the class war, the race war, the cultural war and the ‘size war’!’Big is beautiful”small is bijoux’. Its all down to what you can afford and what suits your lifestyle best.

The demonstration of ones wealth, the size of your car, handbag, ring, garden, hair, watch etc is seen to be irrevocably representative of what we have achieved in life.

We have only just gone into the ‘uber’ era of big kitchens that can hold staff, big garages with more than the car, big bathrooms resembling a spa, big dressing rooms with shelves for shoe collections.

And now we are supposed to downsize and enjoy it? With a degree of dignity and style? How?

No one boasts about the ‘smallest’ of any of these things so just get over it. Take a pill, or watch some folks with Ebola and realise your lucky to be alive. Stop bitching.

Only met one seriously rich multi millionaire who surprisingly bought a modest 3 bed normal house in Florida, way, way,

way cheaper than his budget. We all thought he was mad, eccentric and forgave him. He married and bought the mansion and we

sighed with relief.

Downsizing is going to be about becoming liquid, fluid, adapting, free, solvent, minimal, safer, invisible, humble,

discreet, practical, unassuming, and even perhaps avoiding loosing the lot in a foreclosure or a divorce.

Folks who are keeping big homes are being sucked dry by large, unforgiving, money eating properties whilst living on minimal

income, eating discounted foods, never going out unless its free, sleeping in thermals, drinking the cheapest wines,

never servicing the car, cancelling any and every insurance policy, living in the dark, wearing clothes bought for a younger

thinner person and wishing they weren’t on the bus today.

The roof leaks, the carpet is fraying, the fridge handles are gone, the taps drip, crakes are everywhere, mould is growing,

rust is spreading, the ants are in, the wood is being eaten away, the squirrels are back in the roof but we are keeping the

house! Thats the spirit! Except in 7 years time is loosing its value, the repairs are now completely unaffordable, you have stopped inviting guests unless they are poorer than you, being cold is normal, you can see in semi darkness, the outside snow becomes the new fridge and god forbid you get an unexpected bill, you are finished for good. It’s giving people a reason to drink too much!

You don’t know it but you are bunkering down and the house is becoming a prison, unless its still increasing in value annually.

An asset the kids will sell, fight over, squander, waste, brag about, show off, tell stories, show photos but they didn’t spend a life time paying for it and now the times or your life have changed.

So now we have established all that and the sales etc are done lets get those lovely cardboard boxes out with several rolls

of gaffer tape!

We are off.

Many cultures all over the world are living in smallish spaces with out collapsing in misery, popping prozac or shooting the dog because they don’t have a triple garage, 4 bedrooms en suite, TV den, or BBQ pit.

Its a relatively new phenomena imported from the USA. In Europe you had to be upper class, landed gentry or massively wealthy to even conceive of large living spaces and the luxury that offers.

Its all changed and we learnt how to buy and borrow and we did.

But times have changed in this economy so adapt voluntarily before your made to by some exterior, overwhelming, unstoppable force.

In britain we are so tied into the concept your ‘home is your castle’ it seems madness at best, or socially embarrassing to admit to a downsize move. Its wrong. In the US its a reason for suicide. In France ‘c’est practique’

Whatever the reason, if there is a slither of regret, remorse or hesitation and its mostly unfounded it has to be shaken off. It will haunt you. You will wince, groan, whine and bitch every minute of every day during this move. Life will be hell.

OR you can downsize with some style, a healthy attitude, a sense of fun, adventure, freedom, exploration and appreciation ‘

That takes some organising, mental and physical.

Luckily for me I have enjoyed the process, have gained a whole new freedom and sleep well at night.

i want to share these simple tips but as this is still a learning curve for me with new ideas are still to be discovered.

I am still moving, buying and developing studios, looking at how to enhance smaller living spaces.

To save you the time, money or simply mental energy I have worked out a couple of basic tips to use, no matter which

continent you are on.


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