Packing to go

Excerpt from “Downsize your home and regain your freedom’
Amazon and Kindle

I won’t say a lot about packing as I’m not there with you, but I have learnt a thing or two;

no one will help you much or often. regardless of the promises, the bribes, the intentions, the kisses, the bookings, the

threats. they will find a way to disappear and quickly without word. so if you do have some help get them to do ALL the

rotten heavy nasty dirty shitty jobs because you will be stuck with them. Never treat packing help unkindly as there are not

there for long and they have your life in those boxes. Give them biscuits, tea or chocolate. Men are always hungry.

start early. not early that day, or week, or month but early that year! you will still not have enough time and once you are

sorting your life will slip away into dreams, memories, regrets, tears, laughter and a whole lot more.

A single box could take a day especially if it’s doing children photos, old wedding gifts, toys, books, antiques, glass, etc


mark the boxes. yes i know you know that but trust me we all forget and we never mark them all! so buy plenty of felt pens

and leave them all over the place, along with the scissors and tape all of which disappear, constantly.

Don’t over fill the box.

use ALL the towels, sheets, clothes, pillows, heavy coats, socks, etc as packing for glass etc. its clean, saves you buying

wrapping papers and you can always get them pressed out later.

Divide, divide, divide. Don’t put all your eggs, clocks, shoes, bags, plates, glass in one box.

use books sparingly at the bottom/sides/top of boxes for extra support. not too many as they are heavy but help protect

the box sides against the pointed objects.

Fill shoes with small things.

Fill pillow cases with everything from underwear, soaps, cutlery, misc. A pillow case is a bag don’t you know?

Wrap anything edible in plastic and don’t take breakable bottles of liquid. This is no time for moving balsamic vinegar .

Drink the brandy, flambé the rum and give away the Tia Maria. dripping boxes of liquid are no fun and it will break if it


Don’t take the food. Give something away unless its tins or dried goods.

Very tall glass vases are a nightmare and a good gift. my porter from Kenya got all mine as my Chelsea girlfriend didn’t

pick them up!

Finish at least one day before as that extra day won’t really be extra at all in the end.

Its very, very tiring mentally and emotionally and you will cry and laugh and shout and threaten.

Removal men have always been very kind, clean and sympathetic to me but perhaps I’ve been lucky. Take a last photo on your

phone of them with the boxes should they drive away never to return.

Use a good company. Take out the insurance. Shop around and ask a lot of questions in your life in those boxes.

Keep your passport, jewels, papers, keys, Tel charger, money hidden during the move. I was so tiered once I threw away an

envelope full of £50 pink notes as I couldn’t find my glasses.

Do not drink the night before moving. Drink afterwardS, if at all.

Do not eat curry the night before or get pregnant.

Don’t pack your toothbrush, passport, credit cards, birth certificate, the front door keys,jewellery, money, airline

tickets, hotel reference numbers, nail file, hairbrush or slippers by accident. You might book at hotel the first night

leaving and you need the basics with you.

Do not leave the swiss bank account details under the floor boards, all the designer Chanel shopping bags under the bed, the

original french chateaux brass signs, hidden presents in the loft, clothes in the washing machine as I have done.

Book a hotel the night you leave, eat early, and go to sleep.

Don’t look back.


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