The basic needs of housing

The Basic needs of housing

The title ‘basic needs’ sounds like prepping, camping trips, survival along with sleeping bags, bandage, warm socks and


It is not about those things.

After about twenty five house moves, all over the world, I now conclude that the average couples ‘basic needs’ are the






bed and covers


shower, bath sinks



We tick this list off quickly in the western world and we expect all of them.

It’s the extras we now want, gym, parking, views, porters, transport and capitol gain.

The question you have to ask is;

“Are you living in the home or is the home living you”?

Who is working for whom?

The home has become the ‘reason’. The reason to go to work, the reason to be there.

We have become slaves to out homes. The higher the cost of the home, in relation to income, the longer the servitude you

will serve.

Taking equity out of the value of your home has become an addiction. This imbalance is cementing the relationship for

longer and deeper.

You are creating a debt that can only be passed onto the next generation, as one working life time is not long enough to

pay it off.

Interest rates keep hitting all time lows and it’s sucking us in further. This not a natural state of events and banks and

governments are complicit.

Your freedom is only being free of debt. Free of credit. Become self governing and self determining. Take back the control

of your life.

We have had a good run so lets pick up our ‘cards off the table’ and cash out while we can.

Your basic needs are simple and can be very pleasantly arrange giving you want you need and nothing more.

Thats what hotels are for. Go to a hotel and enjoy all the extras then get back to normality.

If your income is not covering you’re outgoing costs the day of reckoning will come.

Trim back while you can.

Before you are forced to and trust me when the worm turns, the interest rises, the banks decide to foreclose, no one will

remember to turn off the jacuzzi.


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