When storing items-go upwards

Excerpt from “Downsize your home and regain your freedom’ Amazon and Kindle

Look up. Most of the wasted space in a room is above 4ft high which is why the floors alway suffer first. Put up shelves over door ways and buy a small ladder to climb up there as a mass of storage can be used above doorways. Use all the space above the kitchen cupboards again for storage so if it shows put everything in matching plain coloured boxes.

Messy people don’t understand how hard tidy people actually work at it, like fat people don’t understand how thin people avoid piazza for life. Buy those nice plastic boxes, our Chinese cousins have made for us, and stack them up, up and up. Over door hooks are the greatest thing but check they fit as some doors are too thick but use them everywhere.

Go Under. Under beds, under sofas, under chairs, under drawers, underarm chairs, under chair seats, under kitchen cabinets. Box it, wrap it, pack is so it stays clean as the dust will collect on everything. You need any easy quick wiping situation not the day from hell.

Go behind. Corner arm chairs have a mass of space. Behind sofas, wardrobes, doors, everything. Once you have identified every inch of unused UNSEEN space you, will have hidden a million items that probably previously had been displayed. Don’t forget where they are.

Take photos on your camera and email them to yourself with the list. This basic organising will save you time and energy in the future. As you unpack a box, ONE BY ONE only, try to store or hide secure those items from view immediately or until you actually need them again.

Do not clutter. Do not leave them out. Do not think about them. Not now.

‘File’ each item AWAY as it comes out of the box. You can always re file at a later date.


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