Groundhog day

Excerpt from “Downsize your home  and regain your freedom’
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For some reason living in a smaller space give rise to a ‘Groundhog day’ ritual.

Are we turning a little ‘Japanese’ and there for robotic?

Will the new lack of space confine our movements?

Is that a good thing or just a waste of good energy and calories?

Our day is divided up into 24 hourly segments, approx. 8 of those in sleep, approx. 5 hours taking care of daily necessities e.g work, washing, eating, shopping, cleaning. this leaves us perhaps 2 hours of free time to actively work on plans and projects that will benefit our tomorrow.

You get up, get organised and climb onto the ‘tread wheel’ of the day. if each task can bring you joy and some satisfaction you are in for a good time.

if being up late or drinking or smoking the night before interfere with the morning joys and rituals then stop. just plain stop it. you won’t live long.

it’s a slow suicide, but it is suicide. we live in units.

The passing of time, the usage of energy, weeks, months and quarterly dates.

We now use quarterly ‘billing’ dates as the passing of a season.

A whole season! that was once marked by weather, festivals, crops and customs.

Eat seasonal foods, wear only that seasons clothing, buy the seasons flowers, visit that seasons cultural events, even visit

that seasons friends if need be (some folks are inside by the fire and others are outdoor walking types). change colours of the sheets, the towels, mats, or curtains and get back into ‘seasons’.

What are YOU going to produce the next season…..? Apples, nuts, cider, grass, a book, a painting, new house, a report, a hotel project, a pdf, a new business partner, a land purchase, new kitchen, new car, fitter body, longer hair, a new dish?

We have lost our connection with the land and the seasons.

It wasn’t just about living on a bit of dirt surrounded by hogs, it was about being connected to the excitement and intensity of the ‘season’. With nature, the land, the weather and we co operated.

we were ‘seasonal’. You weren’t going to have lambs in october, pick apples in january, strawberries in november. You did what the season allowed you to do, and you did it fast and in abundance, knowing the days passed by quickly.

The whole point seasonal harvest times was to gather, reap, preserve, barter and store away something for the lean

times ahead.

Life was hard, raw, unforgiving, mysterious, unpredictable, relentless, and peoples left the countryside in droves to cluster around large cities.

Adapting to the squalor of over crowding, hoping for a better future, not able to return, families cut their ties with the country side.

They had a terrible life full of damp, pain, infant mortality, lost teeth, rats, rotting foods, smelly damp clothes and damaged feet. Boucher’s shepherdess, with porcelain skin gave no hint of the old crows sitting below the bloodied guillotines. It was pure propaganda and spin.

They ran into cities and suffer the slums of industrialised England to earn money and gain control of their lives, but they lost the seasons.

Now you can live in a dry box, put on heating, keep out the wind, dry your clothes, have a laptop, a mobile and be anywhere in the world.

We have reduced our living space, downsized, reduced our outgoings, organised the day into productive 24 hour slots, pay for units, count by units and work for units but we lost our connection with our seasons.

But thats all been replaced by something else. We are now individually gathering thousands of units of accumulated debt!


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