Location, location, location!

Excerpt from “Downsizing your home with style and regain your freedom’
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This will take time and plenty of searching. Put in the time and the energy if you want a result and don’t moan. Find a good location.

Let us assume that coupled along with the ‘downsize move,’ long car journeys to work, shops, schools or public transport are going to to be another unwelcome burden?

Find a couple of areas you are willing to live in whilst being very clear where you won’t live.

Nothing depressing, dangerous, dirty or alien or that will cause stress and undermine the whole process.

Its not a punishment.

I think it well worth visiting a few expensive ‘pied a terre’ that you have no hope in affording to living to give inspiration.

The Pan Peninsula apartment block London W14, near Canary Wharf build the smartest studios about 28 sq.m (300 sq ft) each mostly in black very sexy, very stylish, very impressive….expensive but impressive and hardly depressing! Inspirational .

The chances are most people have never seen the interior of a top spec, very chic small, town centre pads any more than hey understand how to lay out a 26,000 sq. ft house with landscaping.

Its a learning a curve. Go learn, go look.

Don’t forget your environment seeps into your residence so a good location around you lifts the spirit the minute you step out the door. Its false economy to spend a fortune travelling back and forth and generally a waste of good time. Don’t stick yourself in no mans land as you will stay home….more than normal and the space will start to implode.

Get out and about and be near something worth seeing and being near.

Given the average persons walking distance is about a 30 minute one way walk get as much with in that radiance cafes, cinemas, parks, gyms, tennis, markets. If its Europe its what we do best, we squash a lot into small spaces.

If its the USA then find the club and live near it.

I personally start near the best 5 Star hotels. Its density, security, amenities, infrastructure etc etc. I used to live in one.

Try a new area. If living next to the old neighbours still in large houses, will make you sick, move into another district.

Our dependence on local friends/family is severely overrated and borders on the pathetic. Get a ‘free call plan’ and call if you must.

Go somewhere arty, hip, gay, musical, ethnic with food, young, I don’t need to tell you.

Go into your new local shops say ‘hello’ and make conversation. I make a point of being known by all the small traders, market holders and local folks who very soon become a welcome source of human interaction and infinite source of local knowledge.

How else will you find a good plumber? Its called ‘a community’ so ‘communicate’.

I must also mention one of my ‘shopping principles’. Its not always the cheaper areas that offer the best value, they don’t.

You can be surprised if you look hard enough there might be a gem hidden away in more expensive spot The reasons are complicated but sometimes you just get lucky.


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