Organising a small homes takes more time

Excerpt from “Downsize your home and regain your freedom’
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Organising takes more time, as its very unforgiving if you don’t.

Being organised takes time. It takes time in a large property where so many taste need doing but it also takes times in a smaller property because you imagine they will be done quicker. Generally they are not. The task takes the same time you just don’t have the multiple.

Everything shows up immediately in a smaller property as its right in your face. You can leave a bedroom for weeks undisturbed in a big house and all that happens is the dust grows, but leave a small house and it looks like a mental home in hours.

If you don’t put in the time you will live in ‘bedsit’ conditions, filth mess and a much smaller space. It’s not a garden so don’t sit there and watch it grow into chaos around you.

Make time! If you are behind, get up earlier, if you are tiered, go to bed earlier.

Smaller spaces can implode very quickly and you loose floor space and territory to every belonging around your feet.

If that is whats happening your fault and theres something wrong with you. stop smoking, stop drinking, stop chatting on phones or watching crap tv and get on the ‘marigolds’ and clean up and organise your space-every day.

The smallest space needs at least 1 hour a day to be kept organised.

15 mins bedroom tidy

15 mins kitchen without cooking

15 mins bathroom and towels

15 mins general dust, picking up, laundry, mail, mats etc and the rest.

Its at least 2/3 hours a week for a full clean of floors, bathroom, windows /mirrors, linen change, weekly wash, repairs , etc.

Think of birds moving twigs in a nest. Yep we are birds constantly arranging twigs and from that we can derive happiness and contentment by arranging our personal items. Arrange and get happy.

The daily list of functions have not actually changed much no matter where you live, they are just now with in a few steps of each other.

wake up



eat meals

prepare foods/cook

clean everything








Give every item you use a position, once. Its there, will stay there, looks good there, it will not move and will not go anywhere else. There is no where else it can go!

It’s a hotel room, it’s a suite, it’s a holiday and everything can stay in harmony, unless you forget you are the chamber maid who needs to come in every day, in order to maintain this harmony.

Organise a routine, a check list, and imagine the head of house-keeping will be coming to inspect later.


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