Repair, repair, repair!

Excerpt from “Downsizing your home with style and regain your freedom’
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If you lived in a hut you would have to slap new mud on the walls at least once a week, find, cut and throw leaves onto the roof, scrape up the gravel or chicken shit by the front door or squash a few snakes and bugs who were too close for comfort.

So whats new? You might be renting and you might be resentful but a few home repairs are going to be needed. Get moving to

The Pound Shop, the local cheap market, the local handy man store and buy the basics and store them in one of those nice clean bright plastic boxes our Chinese cousins are making for us.

A screw driver (philips and normal)

WD 40 -cheap beds and cheap doors always squeak and ruin your sleep


super strong drain cleaner liquid down every drain

gaffer tape

kitchen scissors

bug spray




spare light bulb

small remote batteries (the remote batteries ONLY DIE on the weekend after 5.00pm when its raining!!!)

nails (as you go)

packet fuses


If you buy them cheap it might cost about £10.00 the lot but will be ‘priceless’ on a day of need.

Don’t watch the place collapse around you.

I always tell and explain to my landlords and they think Im marvellous as I get us all involved and chipping in on the costs.


If the room is white/cream/pale grey etc don’t ask just paint it.

The reason is the following: when you lie in bed at night and look over the walls and ceiling noticing every past movement that room has had to endure ITS IRRITATING. If you didn’t make the marks its maddening an if you did make the marks its maddening.

Get rid of the marks and have clean, calm, quiet, inactive, harmonious, empty, smooth walls. You will sleep better.

It takes half a day. MOve the furniture into the middle. Scotch the doors and windows and put down some plastic. Whip open that virgin new paint with the wonderful aroma of chemicals, get the radio on, the clothes off and paint that room.

Use colour on one feature wall if the budget is tight. DO NOT use the darker colour at then ends of the rooms, around the windows as the brings the room in smaller.

If you are stylish and want a rich, darker, creamy shade you can break up that wall with a well planned gallery of pics or black/white large photos etc. More on that later.

Disinfect and wash showers, all walls, fix the groat and bleach everything including the bathroom light pull cord!

Spray 99% Anti bacterial spray on everything- including the air when you go out- for at least a month–mind the walls it drips down paint.

Clear all drains with Super Drain Cleaner every month. Rid yourself on what smells might come up, crud thats gathered or grease that formed so you start afresh.

Buy a new bathroom Lino floor from some offcuts outside a shop and cover the old cleaned one if replacing it is too complicated.

Buy a new loo brush and toilet seat. A new throne means a new rule. Sit in comfort and rule.

Plug holes in walls with polyfiller or paint or wash the doors with sugar soap. Put draught brush strips on the bottom of doors to block dust and stuff.

Fix and change all locks and get keys copied. WD 40 hinges and locks.

Buy a lampshade and side lamps as lighting is everything in a room and remove high overhead ugly light bulbs from ceilings.

Put down washable mats on wooden floors next to the beds, hallways, or kitchens. Put up mirrors or several small cheap ones in a line opposite windows to reflect light.

Kill rodents and bugs with all products needed like WW 111. Poor people tend to live alongside animals and have a much higher tolerant I notice where are rich folks simply do not. It might be religious, laziness or they just don’t know how to.

Buy a fire alarm, place in stair well etc, and the battery and test it frequently!

Double glaze windy broken wooden windows with plastic sheeting, selotape which will save on electricity. There are easy kits to buy to insulated glass windows.Block loose wooden window frames with supermarket clear plastic food bags to stop the droughts.

Replace or turn over mattresses. Buy a cheap Primark double/King duvet to put OVER the mattress and UNDER the sheets for padding as its washable and a lot cheaper than fitted mattress covers.

Buy or wash ALL pillows and use cheap Primark pillowcases as liners ‘e.g.’ double pillow cases.

Take down and return to landlord all old dirty curtains and buy new ready made Primark nets and curtains. Find the launderette for large items and wash everything every season.

Nail down or gaffer tape old stair carpet. its a difficult one as ‘no one’ owned the stair cleaning job. I bought a huge quantity of perfumed powered carpet deodoriser and threw it over everywhere like snow. If they weren’t going to clean the stairs it would certainly smell nice and they could now walk/tread all this in. I made my point.

Bleach or spray the communal bannisters and lift buttons.

Do not smoke inside and sell the cat or dog-they also smell:)

Every time the wind blows ‘the hut needs repair’ and its an ongoing war against nature. I think once a month should keep things in check.

Take photos of problems and email with dates and explanations. Keep a copy of all complaints letters

Make friends with the landlord as they are normally not so bad. I like my tenants and I knew what misery they could impose on my life via my property!! Give them a bit of sympathy and show you care so its not all about ‘us and them’ and if that doesn’t work…

I was wrong! So move.


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