Take photos and as your memory won’t do it.

Excerpt from “Downsizing your home with style and regain your freedom’
Amazon and Kindle

Take photos. You won’t remember it all and its worth the effort.

This is a ‘journey’ you are on and in a few months your whole world will change.

You will not remember how quickly that transformation happened and a few photos will bring out the elements the mind doesn’t bother to file.

the blank walls

the boxes

the chaos,

the bare light bulbs

the dusty clothes

the take away diners

the unfamiliarity

the discomforts

as you grow into and form you new home all those elements will disappear for ever but remind yourself how many obstacles you had to over come.

You are not just moving house you are physically squashing yourself into a new dimension and space.

i see photos of houses i renovated and i realise i must be mad to have even looked at such a project. where did all that arrogance come from? I now see the finished product and realise why the builders gave me the looks they did. how could any one have imagined this transformation could be done? the further back in time the worse the photos look!

Use the iPhone etc and email them to yourself.

Selfless are nauseating.

architecture has some intellect.

Your children are only cute to you.

Builders, painters and decorators smile for photos before you all fall out and fight so get that picture early.

As the picture grows and things fall into place, look good, look attractive, work well the feeling of pride and joy is constant so have a few photos to show. you will deserve the praise.


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