The empty walls in your home.

Excerpt from “Downsize your home and regain your freedom’ Amazon and Kindle

The chances are you will need mirrors and the largest you can afford. Mirrors are cheaper than painting and generally don’t offend. It might be 1970’s but mirror tile a wall as it will double up the room.

People either love them or hate them which is the same for everything you will do in life. If the money is short try Argos, Ikea, markets, antique shops, or use what you have with newly painted frames. Re paint frames mat/gloss black, mat/gloss white or spray gold/silver/cream. The PoundShop and buy 3 /4 /5 smaller ones and make lines either horizontally or vertically.

Don’t be afraid to go low or looks very nice. Place them opposite the windows so light will flood in, reflect clouds, tress and sunlight.

Pictures, posters, even large views of mountains and waterfalls do NOT bring in the outdoors. They look cheap and just remind you of where you could be, might be, but in fact, are not. Its very Russian.


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