The misery of small homes.

Excerpt from “Downsizing your home with style and regain your freedom’
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Lets define it.

It won’t take many words.

Dirty, overcrowded, noisy, small, dark, damp, non functional dwellings.

It’s the fear of ‘downsizing’. The chances of being near or living near squalor.

Multiple occupancy, dense housing, overcrowding, insufficient amenities, and other squalid people.

If you are offered a studio/one bed in a Four Seasons Residence you would hardly hesitate, especially if the price was right but this is not the issue.

I have looked at a few, and very tempting they are too, but the problem is the upkeep will cripple you. Quarterly costs which will only rise and its why we are all not living the ‘dream’.

You are looking for the smallest unit in the best location.


Clean and paint and renew the obvious. No reason in this day and age to live in dirt.


You are going to have choose a medium/small building which the landlord is maintaining properly.

1950/1960/1970 smaller blocks in good locations with out expensive pools to maintain might look ordinary but they are generally affordable.


Silence is golden and we live in world polluted by noise, other peoples noise.

I love living overseas as folks can chat and talk around me in languages do I not understand. I can actually ‘tune’ them out which is very hard to do in your own country. In the UK it’s the ‘accents’ are even more jarring on the ear. Badly spoken

English is depressing to be around.

Do not choose a flat along a busy corridor where everyone passes the door day and night. Do the foot traffic count especially near lifts and stairs.

Don’t live above pubs, takeaways, late night shops or traffic lights.

Trains and traffic can positively ‘hum’ compared to voices.

I lived on an eight lane junction and happily fell asleep listening to traffic just deeply grateful I was tucked up warm in bed and not out there driving out there.

This technic won’t work for every one. You need to have a lot of renewable gratitude and the ability to turn a ‘negative’ into a ‘positive’.

Avoid schools, including play schools.

Avoid hospitals and prisons.

Avoid motorways and flyovers.

Dogs next door are a no-no regardless if they are big or small-the noise is the same. I’ve turned down nice houses with pets next door so get to walk the garden and look around.

Children are a ‘no-no’ to me but you can’t always spot them during the week.

Birds are good. Birds in trees not cages.

Awaking to the birds ‘dawn chorus’ every day is a delight but I realise in summer came they begin before 5.00am.

Dark interiors. It either means you put on lights, paint everything white, mirrors will help or you just move on. It can help on heating, as its interior, but make sure it’s not dirty and dark. If you work all day it won’t matter so much.

Lamps placed in corners make a huge difference and try to get them all plugged into extension leads hidden behind sofas so when you flick the switch they all go on together like a hotel room.

Personally I prefer facing west as evening sun is more important than mornings. You can’t move the building but get the compass out and know where you face.

Damp. NEVER live in damp but it’s not always easy to spot. Theres a quicker way to die and besides it ruins good clothing.

Non-functional; By that I mean things like walking up more than two flights, bad maintenance, conversions where no

permissions have been given, buildings which might fall, burn or explode. Its all a waste of time as you will be moving one day but lets not choose obvious reasons from day one.

Leave the viewing immediately, or refuse to even go in, if the agent shows you any of these. Remember some one bought them and this time it might be you so get out BEFORE you get sucked in.

If you can avoid some of these you have a chance of finding peace, happiness , tranquility, and quality of life.


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