Things you will never do again

Excerpt from “Downsize your home  and regain your freedom’
Amazon and Kindle

Downsizing is going to involve a complete change of life style.
The Japanese don’t seem to show many daily frustrations living in smaller spaces but they are well organised.
Things you will never have the space indoors to do;
roller blade down the hall
roast a whole pig
use the Wi
collect anything but dust
have any large guests
drink magnums
grow trees
breed pets
paint murals
share the kitchen
run across the room
throw anything far
miss a fly
loose much
no mail
no mail
no mail
no landline
no voting card
Things you can now do;
afford your rent/mortgage
pay your bills on time
live with out overdraft
afford presents
clean in 20 mins
cook in 30 mins
never have to entertain/breed pets/share the kitchen/roast whole pigs

listen to one tv and control your own remote

have money left on sundays

call the landlord for repairs

watch the paint crack without pain
never clean the glass windows
watch patio weeds grow
never having to remember your neighbours names
never get the Service Charge bill
never receive a compulsory purchase order.
worry if it rains/snows/blows
notice hall light bulbs
watch for the dustman.
watch the interest rate go up
watch house prices go down
You have ‘downsized’ so you no longer need to make the big splash. You are the future guest. Forever. No longer the host or hostess! Its not your turn any more. Ive known friends, near to death, loose their money and get divorced then move into bijoux flats. They not only to live another 15 years but look good again.
The human being is a very tenacious animal who was used to solitude, little food, rare sex, damp and windy places and still produced another generation.
Our cultural desire for wealth and the display of it, has overpowered our instincts and its us causing deep stress.
Choose your environment and how you would be more comfortable, calm, harmonious, peaceful and happy.
Enjoy your own company and choose delights around you.


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