TV and wifi and the lot.


Excerpt from “Downsizing your home with style and regain your freedom’
Amazon and Kindle

Get the largest one you can afford.

Don’t even pretend you won’t use it. We are addicted to the TV, either openly or secretly, even if you don’t admit it.

Don’t be guilty about it, just buy and use the new technology and embrace it. Its like the trains-they are here to stay.

Its our friend, our educator, our amusement, out contact, our companion and a great source of joy.

Laying on a sofa holding the remote is very good for you. Its a deep form of relaxation, good for the legs, good for the digestion, relieves depression, gives you perspective, and good for blood flow. Thats why we all do it.

You don’t need the best quality mega pixels in life but a good quality reliable box at a good price. Do your home work.

Start with the big names and see whats on offer at sale time. Get a good guarantee and get them to set the whole system up.

You need wifi if you are going to live in this world and not the last.

Get it set up for you and test it all.

WRITE down or email yourself ALL the relevant pass words, security numbers, login details, telephone numbers, billing

reference info, etc. These things are always stressful to find when your system is not working and its the weekend.

World events are now a form of ‘entertainment’ more than informative. A big news story like typhoon can last a week or two.

The warm up is the weather chart out at sea, it hits land a day later, a few blown trees, huts, boats, then major swells, swamped airports, flooded schools, floating bodies, ruined beaches, lost families, emergency crews, then nothing. It disappears. The whole story is replaced by another ‘world’event,’ of more terrible proportions, in a completely different region.

We have learnt to expect to be ‘entertained’ for a part of our day and we are ‘consuming entertainment’ as a frightening pace. The truth is we feel better about our lives when we see others suffer. We fell pity of course but actually we feel deeply grateful ‘its not us’.

In our daily lives are not ‘producers’ any more, but do jobs to earn money, in order to ‘consume more’.

Its a phenomena in this century and will continue to rise as almost all our spare time is spent on/with electronic machines.

Even when we have family members around us at home each person is engaged with/on a machine, and its become perfectly acceptable.

After a home, food, clothing and transport its a new telephone, big TV, great computer, kindle that the world wants to buy.

You might be reading this on a kindle?


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