Walking-keep walking

Excerpt from “Downsizing your home with style and regain your freedom’
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If you still have legs, use them. Walk.

Walking is not an outdated form of transport. Its not something our ancestors did before car keys. its not an embarrassing shameful thing you grudgingly admit to doing.

You start to die off the day you take walking out of your life. Mentally and physically. Get the right foot wear, bundle up, take the brolly and hit those pavements and see the world at ground level.

Our relationships with cars has become unhealthy. Its a power thing. You grab the keys, jump in, start that engine, flick on the music and commodore a moving piece of machinery any way you want. What a thrill. A lot more thrilling than walking blustery, wind blown streets with no radio. Its your private, moving room full of familiarities, and this book is suggesting you walk!

Do both.

Try to live within a 20-30 minute walk be to a grocery, bus stop, tube stain and a park.

There is no reason to drive a car to get bread, milk, cigarettes, wine or condoms!

Start looking at homes closest to the centre, bus routes, hotels, taxi cabs, trains, the mall THEN work outwards.

Most people do the opposite for the wrong reason and false economy.

Look at side streets near the best hotels, small block of flats 1950/60/70, or second or third row back from the beach.

Make walking part of your day and allocate a ‘walking time’. Walk every morning, pick up supplies, before breakfast, before the house work, before getting dressed up.

Walking clears the head. Walking oxygenates the lungs and body. Walking stimulates the eyes and the mind. Walking gives you perspective and diminishes depression. (miserable people don’t walk) Walking massages the internal organs. Walking massages the feet, puts blood into the legs and strengthens the back.

What els can you do thats free for 30 mins a day that going to do all that?

Go walk.


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