Galley chef

Excerpt from “Downsize your home and regain your freedom’
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Have you ever cooked in a galley on a boat?

No, not many of us have or ever want to. I passed the galley a few times and felt sorry for the poor bastard in there and hoped he found some peace in this world.

Its always surprising just how delicious and complex the dishes are that come out of a galley. So heres your turn.

Your new ‘size challenged kitchen’ has one very good feature…..You won’t be in it for long!!

The smaller studio flats usually have electric hobs-which I hate-they are expensive to run and I want to see flames under my food.

These are equipped with microwave ovens which I also hate.

Think about keeping;

a wok

a griddle pan

a steamer tray

a pressure cooker

a nori mat

a le creuset oven dish with lid

a salad slicer

a juicer

a liquefier

You must now plan your menus! Its not Le Circle and you have a small fridge and few ingredients-so plan. It’s only 7 days in a week and it’s not that difficult.

Sunday morning cooked brunch juice,coffee, eggs any way, trimmings etc

Sunday roast dinner in one/two trays in the oven by 4:00 pm. Boil everything first in a big pot, including the chicken and it will massively reduce the cooking time and reduce it drying out

The idea is to get TWO meals out of every preparation; One day then another, the following day.

A salad becomes gazpacho

A pie becomes a soup

A roast becomes a soup

A rice dish becomes cakes

Monday evening leftovers. Liquidize what is left for a veg chicken soup

Tuesday fish either in the oven or steamed

Wednesday Thai lamb curry with fishcakes

Thursday pasta and salad

Friday couscous in the oven with any meat

Saturday market day for all the fresh produce-salad for dinner

Or put everything left over into a nice pie dish and top with best quality ‘ready made pastry’ and bake into a pie.

Or wrap salmon/fish in tinned spinach and then ‘best quality pastry’ pop into the oven and its now ‘en croute.’

Or liquidize everything into a broth and top with croutons.

Or liquidize old salad, add chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber and chill its now a gazpacho!

marinate all the meats and fish, it will add flavours

I could go on…..

Pies, salads, juices and soups will save the day every time!

You need to open the fridge and eat fresh normal food NOT bought bits.

If you don’t plan and organise in advance, you will eat out of packets with photos on them, and your life will become unhealthy and depressing. If you get fat your living space is smaller.

A photo of a luxury boat galley, pinned to the fridge for a month or two, might really help the mind, and save on swigging all the rum:)


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