The basics

Excerpt from “Downsize your home and regain your freedom’
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Lets face it, if your downsizing it might be for many reasons, a few of which might be;

Moving to a new city/country, money problems, divorce, job loss, death, taking the equity out of your present residence, kids all left home, too old for stairs, mortgage areas, gardens and upkeep, etc, etc.

Who knows, but what is vastly underestimated is the numbers of those of us who are ‘downsizing’. We are never mentioned. We are almost invisible. We are silent.

Its as if everyone is always moving up? They are not. Its not true. There’s a two way traffic. Those going up and the rest of us going down, downsizing, sometimes as quickly as possible, to avoid many circumstances.

We spend a lifetime working and dreaming for the best and biggest residence to show the world who we are or want to be,  but its not like that any more.

Films and dreams are not created in one beds, studios and bungalows, but living as a slave to your residence is a joke, so changes sometimes have to be made-downwards.

I lived in five homes, on two continents, in three countries, and in two states, simultaneously, and downsized before the SHTF.

Its not a punishment, a shame, or a failure to downsize, and this is a point I will keep returning to.

Its hard to move 5 kitchens into 1, its hard to move 5 wardrobes into 1 and its even harder to store 35 high ball cutlass Ralph Lauren glasses into a cupboard for 6, but it had to be done, so lets get on a do it.

Importantly, we also will ha to identify what makes it ‘a pleasure,’ and what makes it ‘a punishment,’ clearly from the beginning, or life is going to get confused and miserable

Plenty of personal philosophy is whats needed here, and a clear view on your future lifestyle, and goals.


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