Books you hang onto.

Excerpt from “Downsize your home and regain your freedom’
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Get rid of them. Cleanse.

Unless they are meaningful to you, educational, future reference material, large coffee table , valuable, with great photos,  get rid of them. Be kind and give them to a charity.

No one is.impressed by your ability to read. We all read these days, Its not the 17th century.

They collect dust, take up space and smell. Same with old magazines and papers. They all turn to dust and clog your lungs.

Buy a kindle

Do not collect news papers past a week old. Keep only expensive magazines,  and National Geographic mag are acceptable in the bathroom.

Give the others to the local launderette, dentist, doctors, hairdressers or leave them on the stairs. They won’t be there for long. Same with old CD, tapes,videos. Let someone find them and make their day.

Books can really bring out a stubborn side of a person. We think they represent ‘who we are’ .

They don’t…they represent what we ‘read once some time ago,’ which is only part of the story.

You don’t have space as your are ‘downsizing’ not trying to live in a library. Say good bye , thank you and pass the book on.