Small bathrooms, in even smaller homes

Excerpt from “Downsize your home and regain your freedom’
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Keep it empty!

It’s a bathroom not a chemist. Rows and rows of bottles are not a must in life and are not a sign of welbeing.

It’s a place of tranquility and contemplation, not a nightmare of printed messages.

Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash, toilet cleaner, hair spray, bleach, most of whaich are half empty anyway are NOT a sign of wealth.

One bottle of shampoo and conditioner on display is sufficient. Clear the shower tray,  clear the sink,  clear the shelves of everything except toothbrush mug, razor, perfume and hairbrush. Everything else should be boxed and hidden from view.

Regain your space.

All those names Paul, John, micheal, Vidal, Boots, Fred, Superdrug, Armani,  D&G, Asda, Radox just shout sebliminal messages at you, and its all too much to adsorb.

No one cares any more if you’re shampoo is by Fred, John, Henry or Paul. It was 34 years ago Vidal Sassoon launched his hair range at The Berkeley Hotel and we were all thrilled to see a name on a plastic bottle. Its been done. Next.

Only one bottle of toilet cleaner! And the new toilet brush. If you buy in bulk hide it all.

As many loo rolls as you like,  but preferably in white. Toilet rolls dont talk.

Buy the extra large bath sheets and use one and fold/roll the rest.  Long gone are the days you had to go to Saks or Bloomindales to get a generous bath sheet bigger than a tea towel.

Forget the fluffy, germ invested, hard to wash to wash, hard to dry over thick, fluffy bathroom mats. Get decent cotton bath mats, like they use in hotels,  now about £3.50 in Primark and  throw them in the wash all the time and hang to dry. They have great ‘Calvin Klein type’ mushroom/grey/taupe colours, black/navy/brown shows the fluff and bleach marks, white is a nightmare and cream cant offend.

All the spare beach towels, odd towels, spare towels hide under the matress.

All make-up, nail varnish etc goes into ZIPPED make up bags. Its looks terrible, falls on the floor, breaks easily and gathers dust. Same for anything else small that can fit into a bag. Finish up everything over a year old and get rid of it as it will rot, smell and poison you. Stay current, not a fossil.

Face reams are not trophies. Do not display all these items, too many colours, too many names, too many unused, rotting old crap using valuable space.

Never buy white face cloths they are essentially a disposable item. They don’t stay white. Choose a neutral colour, pale grey, beige but not black. They don’t stay black.

If you need to use your shower is also a  space for airing, dripping clothing items use plastic clean hangers. If you have no drying machine don’t let guests seethis abomination so keep it clean. Use the back of the door with the multiple over door hangers.

Buy a car window cleaner wipe to remove excess water from the walls and glass. Spray damp areas with mould/shower/tile cleaner.

Spray the 99% Bacteria Killing spray onto wet walls after the shower. That way it drips into the same invisible holes the water drips into-the ones you cant see but the tiler left.

If you bathroom is right next to the wardrobe keep the shower door closed for 15 minutes after the shower to let the condensation settle and drip from the surfaces.

If it escapes into the bedroom or near a wardrobe, on a regular basis, you risk mould on your clothes as the cottons, silks, leathers and cashmeres will soak it all up.

Ventilate everything well while you are at home and do not leave wet towels in bathrooms. Cotton rots!

Clear all drains with extra strong drain cleaner every month. Be assured the previous user didn’t, and smell is everything.

Leave a a very strong expensive candle  on a shelf which will emit aroma without being lit.

Adjust the lighting so it’s not interregional.

Dont get lockin in. If its a windowless room, keep a hammer hidden away incase you are ever in that situation and need to break down the door, A mobile phone might not work or absorbs the steam.

Buy a clear plastic shower mat and clean it or throw it. The USA has law suits, whilst Europe has people skating on the soap.

The Romans sat in hot water,  as means of well being and planned an Empire.

A bathroom should be a place you ‘want to be naked ‘in, and enjoy being naked in, so enjoy.